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Absochem 2016

Practical  solutions  that  are  user-friendly  and  add-value  to  the  client.  Unrepressed commitment  and  dedication  to  any  task  no  matter  the  size,  complexity  or  urgency. Continuous after sale quality assurance, customer care and support.

Absochem was established after  an  observation  of  a  lack  of  professional  services  within  various organs  of government and private sector.  We identified a niche market in the Information and Communications Technology  field  and  invested  our  resources  in  developing  solutions  for  identified challenges  in  this  sector.  It  is  out  of  this  investment  that  we  have  developed  various credible solution packages.

Our company has a sound management and administrative expertise and it is able to deliver proper service satisfactory to all the clients who are in need of service.

Our growing reputation for excellence, resourcefulness and responsiveness is no accident. It is a natural consequence of the values that have guided our company since its founding. These include an energetic enthusiasm for what we do. A sensitivity to the needs of our customers. A willingness to accept total responsibility. And a craftsmanlike pride in knowing that what we build will last for generations.

Each project is managed by our team of highly experienced personnel, incorporating the services of various professionals in the software architectural, Hardware engineering and other related fields, with whom we have established an excellent working relationship.

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